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"Top 10 Things to Consider Before Installing a Replacement Velux Window"

Updated: Jun 8

A man standing on the roof of a house with a Replacement Velux Window.

Choosing a new skylight and having it professionally installed are necessary when replacing a Velux window. For both aesthetics and energy efficiency, a good fit is essential.

Velux windows are a popular choice for brightening up living spaces. They offer natural light. They can significantly enhance a room's visual appeal and functionality. They are renowned for their durability. However, there may come a time when replacement is necessary. This could be due to wear and tear. It could also be because of an upgrade to more energy-efficient glazing. Or, it could be because of a desire to switch to a different style.

Replace your Velux windows with high-quality models to boost energy savings. This will increase comfort in your house and its value. Homeowners should consider the size, type, and characteristics of the Velux window. They wish to install. This is to guarantee a correct fit and optimal performance. They should also always use experienced professionals.

Advantages Of Velux Windows

Velux windows let in light and fresh air, which changes an area. They add a sense of spaciousness and brightness to any space. High-quality skylights are ideal for restorations. They provide many advantages, such as improved ventilation and more daylight.

Improved Natural Light

Sunshine increases vitality and mood, and Velux windows let in more of it. By filling rooms with light, this lowers daytime electricity consumption. Embrace lighter living rooms, offices, and kitchens with strategically positioned Velux windows.

  • Reduces artificial lighting need

  • Creates a welcoming atmosphere

  • Maximizes solar gains in winter, cutting heating costs

Enhanced Ventilation

A healthy home must have access to fresh air. Opening Velux windows allows rooms to get fresh air in and out of stale air. They are ideal for humid, odor-filled spaces like restrooms and kitchens.



Top-Hinged Design

Allows for full, open-air experience

Built-in Ventilation

Continues airflow, even when closed

Energy-efficient Glass

Keeps air inside fresh and climate-controlled

Cleaner air means a healthier living environment. You will notice the difference

Signs That Velux Windows Need Replacement

It might be easy to determine when your Velux windows need to be replaced. There are some indicators that it's time to think about updating. By being aware of these indicators, more problems can be avoided. Let's examine a few glaring signs that your Velux windows require replacement.

Water Leaks

Seeing water inside where it shouldn't be? It might be a leak. Indicators of water intrusion through Velux windows include:

  • Stains on the area surrounding the window

  • Dampness on the window frame

  • Droplets or streams of water during rain

Detecting these early can save you from costly water damage repairs later on.

Difficulty In Opening Or Closing

If opening or closing your Velux windows feels like a workout, it could indicate a problem. Trouble with operation usually signals:

Possible Causes

Warped frames from moisture or heat

Aged weather stripping affecting the seal

Dirty or obstructed tracks

Wear and tear on hinges or hardware

Addressing these issues promptly ensures continued ease of use and security.

Velux replacement window with white frame, double glazed, suitable for roof installation.

Choosing The Right Replacement Velux Window

Selecting an appropriate substitute restores natural light and air to your room. A Velux window does this. Give importance to characteristics that save energy, size, and kind. A perfect fit and usefulness can completely transform your space. It adds comfort and lowers energy costs. Let's look at the key factors to consider while choosing your new window.

Correct Size And Type

The first step towards a flawless installation is selecting the exact type and size of Velux window. Check the correctness of the current frames. Models differ in terms of finishes and available top-hung or center-pivot configurations. Verify compatibility:

  • Use the original window's code for reference.

  • Confirm structure measurements carefully.

  • Match operation style to room needs.

Consider functionality such as easy cleaning or emergency escape features. Experienced installers can advise on the most suitable types for your space.

Three views of a flashing on a roof, showcasing a Replacement Velux Window.

Energy-efficient Options

Velux windows use less energy, which lowers heating bills and carbon emissions. Seek for characteristics that improve insulation:



Low-E Coating

Reflects heat back into the room

Argon Gas

Raises insulation by reducing thermal transfer

Double or Triple Glazing

Improves thermal and acoustic insulating properties

When choosing a model, look for ones with high energy ratings to maximize your investment. Look for certifications of sustainability such as the Passive House Certification or Energy Star.

Home improvement tools like hammer, screwdriver, and measuring tape laid out beside Replacement Velux Window.

Preparing For Velux Window Replacement

A new Velux window revitalizes a space by bringing in light and air. Preparation is the first step toward success. Understand the requirements for a simple Velux window replacement.

Measuring The Existing Window

Accurate measurements ensure a perfect fit for your new Velux window. To avoid common mistakes:

  • Check the window type – Note the model code from the top of the open sash.

  • Measure the frame – Include width and height, inside frame edge to edge.

A table simplifies recording:


Size (cm)


[Enter Width]


[Enter Height]

Arranging For Professional Installation

Choosing certified installers matters. Trust professionals to validate:

  1. Window compatibility – They match your window to your roof type.

  2. Sealing and finishing – They ensure water-tightness and insulation.

Remember, proper installation is key to your Velux window's longev

Steps In Replacing A Velux Window

A Velux window replacement gives a space fresh life. As more natural light enters the space, energy efficiency rises. For a seamless replacement procedure, adhere to these procedures.

Removing The Old Window

The first step is always to carefully remove the old window. Protect the interior space by placing a large cloth or dust sheet underneath the work area.

  1. Clear the area around the window of any obstacles.

  2. Take out the window sash by pushing up and rotating the hinge.

  3. Unscrew the frame, and gently remove it from the opening.

Installing The New Window

Installation of a new Velux window is straightforward but must be done with precision.

  • Prepare the opening, ensuring it's clean and even.

  • Position the new frame carefully into the opening.

  • Secure the frame with screws provided by Velux.

  • Install the sash into the frame, ensuring it operates smoothly.

  • Seal the window to prevent leaks and improve insulation.

Each step must be done with attention to detail to ensure the best results.

Velux Window Replacement, a top-notch window for roofs, made with quality materials and innovative design.

Common Questions About Velux Window Replacement

How Much Does Velux Window Replacement Cost?

The size of the window, the type of glass, and any other features or accessories can all affect the cost of replacing a Velux window. The typical cost per window is between £600 and £1800. This cost includes installation and materials. It's crucial to get an exact quote for your needs. To do that, get a professional assessment from a trustworthy contractor. Then, you can get a quote.

Can I Replace A Velux Window Myself?

If you have the skills and know-how to do it yourself, you can replace a Velux window by yourself. To guarantee successful replacement, closely adhere to the manufacturer's safety precautions and instructions. Before starting the activity, make sure you have all the necessary supplies and equipment available. For increased efficiency and safety, consider asking a friend or family member for help.

What Is The Lifespan Of A Velux Window?

Velux window lifespans might differ based on environmental considerations, care practices, and installation quality. Velux windows are often made to survive for a long time—often longer than 20 to 25 years with regular upkeep and care.

Are Velux Window Replacements Energy Efficient?

In reality, Velux window substitutes are renowned for their energy-efficient nature. These windows are constructed with premium materials and cutting-edge insulation. This helps limit heat loss and save energy. Low-emissivity coatings and many glazing layers reduce the need for excessive heating or cooling. This helps maintain a pleasant interior temperature.

How do I know what size VELUX glass to buy?

Measure the current window or opening where the glass will be installed. Then, choose which size of VELUX glass to purchase. To guarantee a good fit, take precise measurements of the breadth and height. Compare the measurements with the range of standard glass sizes that VELUX offers. You can select the ideal size for your needs.

Can you replace glass in velux windows?

It is possible to change the glass in Velux windows. Velux provides replacement glass for their windows. They also give guidance on how to remove the old glass and replace it correctly. It's critical to follow their instructions. This will guarantee a suitable and secure replacement.

In Conclusion

Take the first step towards a brighter, more peaceful space today. Your upgraded windows await. Replacing your Velux windows can truly transform the ambiance and efficiency of your home. It's an investment in comfort, energy savings, and aesthetic appeal. Remember to choose a qualified installer for the best results.

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